AirStroke platforms are designed to guarantee maximum safety for the users.

The design has been subjected to detailed strength analysis and any required tests.
The chain slack protection system detects every collision of the cage with the obstacle and automatically lifts the cage up until safe full tension of the chains is achieved.

Additional safety elements of AirStroke platforms are:

  • Double lifting cylinders guarantees reliability and ensures maximum security for up-down movement.
  • Additional control panel enables manipulation of the empty cage from the floor level.
  • Duplex chain giving a safety factor far exceeding the required standards.
  • Chain slack protection system protects from sudden fall of the platform cage.
  • Cage overload protection system informs with alarm signal about overload and immobilizes the platform until the load is adapted to permissible value.
  • Shock absorber counteracts the effects of a collision at the end of the track or with the other platform.
  • Self-closing hinges and lockers effectively protect against accidental opening of the door of the cage.


of G-Lift AirStroke manlifts