We offer ready packages for operation of the AirStroke platforms in specific conditions as well as the adjustment of the platforms and their equipment to the individual needs and requirements of the customers.

Shot-blasting machine package

AirStroke hD platform is designed to work in extra difficult conditions, that are present in shotblasting booths. If the lift is directly exposed to shot-particles, it is possible to optionally cover the platform with a special coating, that gives maximum protection to the machine.

Additional safety elements

  • basket-overload system with alarm signal
  • early collision detection
  • emergency cage release

Individual package
Individual package - the ability to design and execute a package tailored to any client's needs.

Low pressure version
Single Airstroke platform is also available in low pressure version. This device reaches full load capacity of 200kg at a pressure of only 4 bar. Reducing pressure allows to use it everywhere where low pressure systems are used. Another advantage is the reduction of energy demand of the platform.

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