Two persons Drive on floor

AirStrokeDuo-F Platform

The AirStrokeDuo-F platform is the first of its kind in the AirStroke family: the „F” stands for Floor, as the lift is moving on the ground.

Frequently, it is not allowed to put stress on the structure of the paintbooth, like eg. hanging rails, or platforms on the walls. This requirement stated by Clients with „light” paintbooths led us to designing the AirStrokeDuo-F lifts.
The previuos top-drive of AirStrokeDuo was moved to the bottom wheels, so the platform now stands and moves solely on the ground. The top-rail is used solely for stability and doesn’t exert much force on the walls. This solution allows to use our lifts even in paintbooths with structures of low capacity.
All major features of our platforms were preserved: fully pneumatic drive, lift and extension, advanced safety systems and comfortable and ergonomic basket.

Additional advantages of double platform are:

  • big cage with the dimensions of 2200x1100 mm,
  • load capacity up to 300 kg
  • telescopic extension up to 2 meters, which is not common among competitive devices of this type. This feature distinguishes AirStrokeDuo-F on the market.

specification and parameters

mounting on the floor
range of movement
lifting up to 7000 mm
along the wall up to 30 m, max. depending on the compressed air supply system
telescopic extension 400÷2000 mm
workspace up to 10 meters from the floor
up to 4 meters from the wall
color RAL 2004 / RAL 9005
load capacity 300 kg (2 operators + equipment)
travelling speed
lifting 6 m/min
along the wall 30 m/min
telescopic extension 6 m/min
control inside the cage: up/down; right/left; in/out
at ground level: up/down
power supply
compressed air 7÷8 bar ISO 8573-1:2010
wear 350 l/min
connection 2000 l/min (for platform and tools)
break on bottom wheels
optionally additional break on top rail

Model range

The innovative construction of AirstrokeDuo platforms has been designed for even greater range of movement. Thanks to the unique design solutions AirStrokeDuo platform has a 2-meter telescopic extension what enables larger working space in comparison with the Airstroke platform.

With AirStrokeDuo platforms  even easier access to the upper surface of the oversized objects is gained.


Dimension Model DUO Model DUO PLUS Model DUO MAX
A 1030 1230 1430
B 700 900 1100
C 2200
SV 2000 mm to 7000 mm with increments of 100 mm
D 2230 2830 3430
SHY 1200 1600 2000
HC SV + 2400
G The height of cage railings from the cage floor = 1100 mm

AirStrokeDuo-F products