Sandblasting Capacity 250 kg

AirStrokeHD Platform

AirStroke HD - special variant of the 3-axis AirStroke platform for use in shot blasting and sandblasting booths.

This pneumatic lift is an advanced version of the paint platform. It has been designed from scratch to be able to work in the most difficult conditions. Innovative solutions of multi-layer shields and covered mechanical joints protect the internal mechanisms and pneumatic equipment from shot, dust or abrasive. The drives of all 3 axes have been enlarged in relation to the paintlift to ensure reliability in the toughest conditions.
AirStroke HD is the development of the AirStroke platform with greater stability and durability. While constructing this lift, we focused on equipping it with effective blast protection systems while maintaining other features of our platforms: safety, efficiency and comfort of work.

The components used in the production of G-Lift platforms come from the world's leading manufacturers.

specifications and parameters

mounting on the wall without contact with the floor
range of movement
lifting up to 7000 mm
along the wall up to 30 m, max. depending on the compressed air supply system
telescopic extension 1200÷2000 mm
workspace up to 10 meters from the floor
up to 4 meters from the wall
color RAL 7040
load capacity 250 kg (operator + equipment)
travelling speed
lifting 6 m/min
along the wall 15 m/min
telescopic extension 6 m/min
control inside the cage: up/down; right/left; in/out
at ground level: up/down
power supply
compressed air 6÷7 bar ISO 8573-1:2010
wear 350 l/min
connection 2000 l/min (for platform and tools)
break in upper rail
optionally additional break on lower support wheels

Model range

The innovative design of AirstrokeHD platforms enables the increase of the range of its movements compared to existing solutions available on the market, which allows for a significant increase of the workspace.

With AirstrokeHD platforms we gain easy access to the upper surfaces of large objects such as rail cars or aircraft components.


C 1200 1500 1800
SV 2000 mm to 7500 mm with increments of 100 mm
D 2450 2850 3250
SHY 1200 1600 2000
HC SV + 1900
G The height of cage railings from the cage floor = 1100 mm

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